world’s firstelectronic stethoscope combined
with thermometer
and intelligent sound analysing
system for home use.

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Innovative technology created by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, physicians and IT specialists, which enables independent auscultation of children and adults in home conditions.

The world’s first intelligent sound analysing module will carry out objective analysis of the respiratory system sounds and inform the user whether a medical consultation is necessary.

Thanks to MyWhizzy, you will be able to rest assured that both you and your child are in good health, whether at home or on the road.

Digital stethoscope and thermometer

A wireless, digital device that will allow you to carry out a simple check of respiratory system condition for yourself and your child, while at the same time measuring the body temperature. Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your smartphone and MyWizzy will take care of all the rest.

Sound analysing module

The sounds recorded by the stethoscope will be subjected to further automatic analysis. Based on the sounds gathered during auscultation MyWhizzy will provide the assessment of the current condition of respiratory system and, if necessary, recommend consultation of a physician.

Medical history

MyWhizzy will allow monitoring the health condition of all the family members. It will enable tracking the information about changing symptoms and medicines taken. You’ll always be able to provide your physician with accurate information and the sounds recorded by the stethoscope.

Whizz detection
Monitoring of asthma

MyWhizzy was created also with the aim of helping those suffering from asthma, especially children. MyWhizzy will register the time and establish the frequency of pathological wheezing related to obstructive changes within the respiratory system, enabling long term monitoring of the disease. It will also help optimise the dosage of medicines taken.


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Agnieszka Cwalińska,
M.D., Ph.D.


Honorata Hafke-Dys,
Ph.D. (biophysics)


Michał Gałuszka, Ph.D. (physics)


Jędrzej Kociński, Ph.D. (physics)


Szymon Drgas, Ph.D. (technical sciences)

Computer Scientist

Marcin Szajek, M.Sc., Eng.


Wojciech Radomski, M.Sc., Eng.

The solution is being developed also by: Tomek, Adam, Kacper and a team of physicians



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Regon: 361 535 342
KRS: 00 00 558 650
Share capital: 45 500,00 PLN

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